EMU on the radar of right wing (fake news?) site “The Daily Caller” over Black Student 10 point plan

Funny what comes up in my Google feed about “Eastern Michigan University.” A site called The Daily Caller— which is web site that has  right wing leanings and which walks the line of what is or isn’t fake news– published  “This Taxpayer-Funded University Is Scheming To Make EVERY MAJOR Teach ‘Black Studies.’” According to the article, this “scheme” is going to “compel every department on campus to inject a “black studies” course into “the curriculum of every major.” Ugh.

Oh, and apparently another right-wing/vaguely fake news site, Campus Reform, also published a similar story with the headline “EMU to require ‘black studies’ course in ALL majors.”

More helpfully, The Daily Caller article links to a press release from EMU about the Black Student ten point plan, which tries to explain what EMU is attempting to do in relation to these goals.

What’s interesting to me here is the way these two different web sites presume this is a bad thing. I mean, setting aside some of the logistical problems with the Black Student ten point plan for a second: what’s so wrong about trying to increase diversity and awareness of the African American experience?

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