From RAW, “Letter to the Office of Student Conduct”

From the website Radical Washtenaw (or RAW) comes “Letter to the Office of Student Conduct,” which was written by my colleague in the English Department Rob Halpern. I think it fairly accurately expresses the sentiments of a lot of faculty around the punishment of a group of students for hanging around the EMU Student Center too long in protest to the university about the mishandling of racists incidents on campus. A quote from this I certainly agree with:

To act as if this were simply an issue of “conduct” reveals EMU’s unwillingness to acknowledge the obvious: We are dealing here with highly volatile issues of race, in response to which the university has acted irresponsibly. As such, the administration’s response to this situation can only be adequately addressed in a Civil Rights context as it continues to reproduce the dynamics of institutional racism that the community is struggling to combat.


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