A few random thoughts to share on the new EMYoutalk.org

The new version of this site is still taking shape, but I thought I’d share a few thoughts about how I think things will be different (hopefully) with the new site versus the old one. 

  • It’s going to take some discipline on my part, but I want to try to limit my own posting/managing of the site to the evenings while I’m watching TV and while I’m otherwise not doing something else. Besides my usual day job of teaching and the like, I really do have a book to write. As a slight tangent: y’all are liable to see some posts here from me about Massive Online Open Courses, the subject of my book project.
  • Part of what I am planning on doing with the EMUTalk Facebook group is to solicit contributors. This has to be a group effort, folks. So if you have things you want to post, please email me and let me know.
  • I’m still working on the details of this, but one of the reasons why I decided to give this site another go was some reassurance from one of my colleagues that they’d help out. You know who you are!  Beyond this person, if there are others out there who want to be a part, let me know.
  • Funny story about why this is EMYoutalk.org rather than EMUTalk.org. I let the domain name registration elapse because I thought I was done with all of this. When I floated the idea of restarting the site, I saw that the domain EMUTalk.org was for sale for $25– not outrageous, but still more than a domain name usually costs. After I brought this up on the Facebook group, the cost for the domain jumped to $500. So, um, EMYoutalk it is.

Hey, did you miss me?

Okay, let’s restart this and see what happens.

Things are going to start slow around here because I’m kind of busy with the day-job right now, but here it is, the reborn EMUTalk.org I mean EMYoutalk.org. As I mentioned on the Facebook group the other day, this rebirth was prompted by one of my colleagues who a) pointed out that there’s been a lot of crazy shit going on around campus this year and we (meaning all of us that cares about this community) need a place to speak about about this craziness, and b) this colleague of mine said he’d help out.

So, how have you been? What’s new? What do you want to talk about here?