What does the university’s web site say about what they value?

One of my department colleagues pointed this out today, Monday, December 3, 2018, the day after announcements were made about which university is playing in what college bowl this year. It’s an interesting exercise: what does the first thing you see on a university’s web site say about that university? What does it suggests matters most to that university?

Let’s take a look:

Here’s the University of Michigan’s web site. Highlighting an academic program, talking about their different majors, major awards, etc. They’re going to the Peach Bowl.

Michigan State, also highlighting programs, etc. They’re off to the Redbox Bowl.

Here’s Western Michigan, highlighting programs, how to apply, etc. Though to be fair there is a news item just “below the fold” (so to speak) about them going to the Idaho Potato Bowl.

Northern Illinois– the Boca Raton Bowl.

Ohio University— the Frisco Bowl. Though again, you do see a football announcement at the bottom there.

Okay, so you get the idea. What matters to EMU? What do we have to offer to potential students?












That’s right! We’re going to the Camellia Bowl!! That’s why you should come to EMU!!

(insert your favorite palm to forehead gif here)

Oh, and it’s good to see that EMU’s opponent, Georgia Southern, still has its priorities.



Heather Lyke Leaving EMU (Good Riddance, IMO)

The Freep web site reports “Sources: Heather Lyke to leave Eastern Michigan to take Pitt AD job.” There are a couple of interesting tidbits in this article. First, the piece rehashes a lot of the ongoing controversies about spending and football at EMU. But second, it gives a bit more of a taste of what the plans for spending upwards of $35 Million on athletic stuff might look like:

The plans currently call for the outdoor track to be removed from around the football field. The existing soccer fields would be reoriented in direction and a new track placed around it.

The existing football building in the far end zone of Rynearson Stadium would be torn down. In its place would be a new 70,000-square-foot building that would have a turf field inside for the football and soccer teams to use. There would also be a 300-meter indoor track and improved weight room, big enough for entire teams to train at one time. The building would also allow the university to have nine or 10 suites facing the football stadium. The current 68 premium seats in the stadium are sold out. A new scoreboard would be added to the stadium.

A new 22,000-square-foot building for wrestling and gymnastics would also be built, allowing them to move out of Bowen Fieldhouse and Warner Gymnasium. That space would then be available for academic programs and intramural sports to use, most likely.

Sure, why not? The best thing EMU could spend money on right now is this nonsense, right? Oh, and the “improvements” to intramural athletics and things like the REC/IM are basically going to amount to letting students use these other spaces once the athletic programs move out.

I wrote a bit about Lyke in a blog post on my own site last May, “An Open Letter/Blog Post About Sports at EMU.” I was following up on an open letter from the administration about the HBO Sports story about the ridiculous amount of money being wasted at EMU (and similar places) on football and also about an interview Lyke did with Michigan Public Radio.  Just to quote myself a bit about Lyke here:

It turns out that the guy interviewing Lyke, Lester Graham, has a child attending EMU. At the 4:35 or so mark in that interview, Graham asks flat-out “how does my EMU student benefit” with EMU being in Division 1 athletics.

Lyke responds “What your student gets, you know… when you chose Eastern Michigan, and the time that they chose they knew they had division 1 athletics–”

“–not a factor,” Graham interrupts. “Was not a factor.”

Then Lyke, digging furiously, says something like “Correct, so it’s, um, it’s not a factor in wether or not they um they… you know, I would hope that that student find value in adding diversity to the, you know, landscape and the culture of the university. There are kids that have unbelievable talents in all sorts of things. We have an unbelievable forensics team, we have an unbelievable slam poetry team at Eastern Michigan, we have fabulous art…” and so forth.

Graham pointed out that none of these things have anything to do with support to the athletic department, and Lyke goes back to the earlier statement that we are not thinking about getting out of the MAC or football, full stop.

So yeah, I don’t see a great loss in leadership here. Goodness knows I don’t know how these kinds of hiring decisions are made, but hey, good luck, Pittsburgh.


“Swoop’s Food Pantry helping EMU students who need meals”

From Mlive, “Swoop’s Food Pantry helping EMU students who need meals,” a nice write-up about a nice effort to support students at EMU. But I can’t help not recall how the idea of developing a food pantry came up in the HBO Real Sports story in April that featured EMU as one of the poster children for sports spending being out of control. Spending millions on football while students go hungry isn’t “education first.”